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UITV is promoting and supporting the “MAKE IN INDIA” campaign launched by the Indian Government, showing our commitment to all Indian Export companies.
UITV is a British online internet network, receiving 4.7 million visitors per month and increasing daily on our site from around the world.
In addition, we have millions of global visitors and many of them are buyers of products and services who would like to connect with your company.
Why Use UITV’s B2B Platform?
The answer is simple: We specialize in the Global Export Market and we connect sellers with buyers.
INDIAN Exporters and the Global Export Market
1. UITV is supporting the “MAKE IN INDIA” campaign launched by the Indian government.
2. At UITV, inthe UK, we believe that this century is India’s destiny.
3. New opportunities for Indian exporters in the largest emerging markets worldwide.
4. There is a huge demand that exists for Indian products and services worldwide, but many Indian Export Companies don’t realize this demand exists.
To begin with, because we are new to you still, we would like to offer 24 months’ worth of registration to your organization at zero cost and without obligation, giving you the opportunity to know us and then reap the benefits of this growing B2B platform
If you areinterested, your brand and services will be exposed to millions of our users, thus connecting your entity to many prospective BUYERS worldwide
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1. Your company's own unique 5-page business profile.
2. An unlimited space to display pictures detailing your products and services.
3. A professional platform for promotional video footage of your company, products and services.
4. Millions of UITV’s visitors are exposed to your company and brand, thus creating interest from many prospective buyers amongst our 4.7 million visitors each month.
5. Your company will get a continuous global advert for 24 months at zero cost.
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If you're unsure of where to start regarding our zero cost listing, our Customer Service Team can provide the answers you need. We can sort out your listing with just one call. Our Customer Support Team is ready and available to help you with any questions you have regarding your new listing on our B2B Global Business platform

Come and give it a go, what have you got to lose?
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